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This is the first in our new series of posts called Quiet Places.  An extension of our current series, Quiet Spaces, Quiet Places explores many inspiring destinations that instil a sense of calm and wonder, in the hope of transporting you to another time and place.  It's full of travel memories and content for day dreams.  Enjoy!

Quiet Places Fatehpur Sikri

Arriving in Fatehpur Sikri from Jaipur on a hot July day, I had no idea what to expect of this incredible UNESCO Heritage Sight.  What I found was two areas of complete contrast: the calm and reflective grounds of the Fatehpur Sikri Fort, versus the scorching heat and bustling community around the mosque - Jama Masjid.


          Thinking man at Fatehpur Sikri

The true beauty of Fatehpur Sikri lies in lore of its history.  And without going too far into detail, the story that still sticks with me today, is one of understanding, tolerance and multiculturalism. 

Ruler of the Moghul empire during the period of Fatehpur Sikri's establishment, Akbar, was open to the thinking of the numerous religions within India and regularly brought in the heads of multiple faiths - Islam, Hinduisim, Sufism and Christianity - to collaborate and discuss problems of the era.


Ruins at Fatehpur Sikri

Today, the beautiful ruins of Fatehpur Sikri stand to remind us that working together can bring about change and can also bring us all closer together.


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