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It’s an incredible feeling to find a place that feels private and remote, and yet is only a stone’s throw away – an hour’s drive north, to be precise – from the busyness of Sydney.

Dangar Island House
is nestled on a steep slope overlooking the Hawkesbury River and has been designed to maximise its connection with the Australian bushland. 
The neutral palette used throughout the home gives the residence a strong feel of calm. The use of greys and browns anchors the building to the surrounding landscape, whilst the use of lighter colours internally opens up the space making it modern, but still restful in its design.

Designed by Robertson & Hindmarsh Architects, the home is owned and was styled by Sydney based design journalist and stylist, David Harrison. For the design aficionados, David has curated an awe-inspiring collection of furnishings, including vintage pieces by Arne Jacobsen, Norman Cherner and Alvar Aalto.

The true hero of Dangar Island House however, does appear to be the views that flow through the native angophora trees and down to the river, and the smell of the Aussie bush, that together give the home a magical feeling of escape and rejuvenation.
Next holiday destination all sorted? Tick!

The kitchen at Dangar Island House
All imagery via Boutique Homes.

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