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Journal: Quietly Does It

Quiet Places: India's Fatehpur Sikri

Arriving in Fatehpur Sikri from Jaipur on a hot July day, I had no idea what to expect of this incredible UNESCO Heritage Sight.  What I found was two areas of complete contrast.
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Quiet Achievers: Emily Sugihara

When Emily Sugihara and her mother Joan stitched together the first Baggu prototype at home a decade ago, they may not have realised that they were truly onto something.
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Not so quiet: Friday Mixed Tape - Mellow

This playlist has been on the burner for a while now.  I've listened to so many of these songs constantly over the past few weeks and finally pulled together today's Friday Mixed Tape.Nice and mellow, but catchy enough to keep you going!  Enjoy!
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Quiet Spaces: Finn Juhl's House

When I first saw the interior of Finn Juhl's house, it was as though all of my Danish furniture dreams had come true at once.  Finn Juhl was a Danish architect who focused equally on the exterior and interior of his projects.
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Not So Quiet: Friday Mixed Tape

Music plays a huge part in our mindset at Quietly & Co, we believe it can totally set your mood for your day.  So, here's an eclectic collection of what we've Shazamed this week.
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Quiet Spaces: Dangar Island House

It’s an incredible feeling to find a place that feels private and remote, and yet is only a stone’s throw away – an hour’s drive north, to be precise – from the busyness of Sydney.
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